My Story


I am excited about the possibility to work with  you. My business emerged out of my passion to help others succeed.

I help professional women and women entrepreneurs struggling after a setback and feeling undervalued and lost, find the clarity they need by turning their pain into their power so that they are able to turnaround their situation,  grow their business, increase their revenue, position their career/life path, and become truly fulfilled. They trust me as their most trusted advisor in the world at turnaround systems.

"Abundance is created by the things you pour into yourself to be fulfilled."


I live a life of true abundance filled with  joy, that came after the storms. I am, the Purpose Driven Woman on a mission to empower 1,000,000 women globally through entrepreneurship and financial independence.  I travel globally teaching and speaking to women, teens and millennials on how to rise to their full potential, break limiting beliefs, and turn around systems that enable them to step in their power and lead a life purposefully driven with a blueprint for success.

My Experience

Jena is an Empowerment and Destiny Visionary

She is a global award winning author, international speaker, entrepreneur, business coach / strategist. Founder, Pathways to Abundance, Purpose on the Rise, Purpose on the Rise Africa, Pty, and the Purpose-Driven Woman Movement.

Jena is committed to elevating the purpose  and economically empowering women globally through entrepreneurship. She is a graduate of the  University of Texas, Austin and former Sr. healthcare executive with over 30 years experience. During her career, she lead a $29 Billion national health care program with over 5 million members. Her areas of expertise include business strategy and implementation,  transformation, team building, leadership development, audit/ compliance, and business operations.

My Story

As you look at my life today, it is a brand new life.  It came after the storms of life, from being on top of the world  to finding myself divorced, without a job due to job elimination, empty nest and having to rebuild my financial  safety net. Everything that I identified with – wife, corporate executive, mother, career professional, ….changed. With divorce and the job elimination, everything was turned upside down.  I had to make a change. What I learned was despite having it all, there was something missing. I had checked all the right boxes, did the right things, for 24 years in a relationship and 27 years on the job, but realized the most important person, me, had gotten lost.  And, what I discovered along the way….has led to my Today! I now teach others my Turn Around System to reach their greatness.

My greatest lessons…

“No matter what the setback, a turn around is possible.” “It’s never too late for a new beginning.” “Your net worth is your character, integrity, knowledge, gifts and talents.”

If you find yourself suffering from  disappointments, unmet expectations, divorce, broken relationships, career change, longing for more, it’s time to take action. Don’t let another day or year go by not living an abundant life.

Check out my  BREAKTHROUGH to BREAKOUT program!  It may be just what you need to begin to live the life you are meant to live.

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