Coaching Services

Jena partners with individuals, businesses, executives and school districts to inspire, engage and empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential using personal coaching techniques and practices to unleash the capacity of others to embrace and affect positive changes, and attain personal and business goals.


A membership-based coaching program where you gain access to online group coaching, video training, intensive online workshops, expert guest training all from the comfort of your home. Be part of a community. You can learn top tips and strategies on how to #LevelUp your life.

Exclusive one-on-one coaching where you get a full -day,  uninterrupted, in a relaxed environment, on-site, to experience your full breakthrough and plan of action to move forward. You are the STAR! Includes ongoing follow-up, accountability, and access to several bonuses including virtual and live events.

Finding yourself stuck and unable to progress, you need a breakthrough to breakout! So don’t let being stuck keep you from enjoying life and achieving what you desire. These session are 90 minutes, laser focus on your breakthrough.

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Sessions tailored to your specific needs. These focused sessions are to develop a clear strategic path for you to achieve  direction, alignment and implementation strategy for your desired goal. Whether it’s a business or life goal, finding the right strategic path will save you time, money, and human resources when you have the right strategy.

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Executive coaching is an effective way to develop leadership skills, understand your personal style and how it impacts your professional leadership style. The personal development, coaching for results in areas of personal leadership, strategic leadership, improving your effectiveness as a leader.

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Business Advisory Services

We work with organizations in the areas of strategy development, execution and planning, operational effectiveness, consumer experience, audit, compliance, ethics, government contracting and staff development.

We facilitate meetings as trainers as well as train -the-trainer in areas of operations and organizational effectiveness.

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We work with organizations who want to build successful, high performing team to achieve strategic goals, improve performance, achieve greater alignment and increase effectiveness.

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We facilitate your meetings and provide you with the unbiased focus and facilitation to drive the results you desire.

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