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The Purpose on the Rise 2019 Conference is an appointment with destiny.  It encourages women across the global to heed the call to embrace fulfill their purpose.  It reminds women that no matter the calling on their life, the world is waiting on them to fulfill it!

Rise up and register for Purpose on the Rise 2019.

You will be Inspired, Empowered and your Purpose Ignited to take bold actions that will : (our goals)


  • Impact social change
  • Improve the economic empowerment of Women
  • Positively improve financial conditions of families and children
  • educate, Inform, and call to action like minded women to forge new personal territories of personal growth and to create greater opportunities for entrepreneurship, business growth and leadership
  • Empower communities with women who are inspired and willing to serve a greater capacity for change
  • Forge new community and business partnerships.

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"Each woman has a unique calling - a purpose on her life. It is up to her whether or not she wants to accept it."
- Jena Bell


Attendees will  learn strategies, tips, and habits to create your economic blueprint to forge a new path.

Learning tracks :

  • Mind Mastery
  • Holistic Health and Wellness
  • Entrepreneurship / Wealth Building

You will gain access to information to allow you to accelerate your business, or career, and personal power. You have an opportunity to network with women with global influence, gain international perspectives, make connections, establish relationships and forge partnerships.

"The purpose of this conference is to ignite purpose and to change the economic paradigm for women across the globe."
- Jena Bell

Information at a Glance

General Admission Tickets

Event Tickets to 1 locations

Johannesburg  August 10, 2019

VIP Admission Tickets

Guests have the option of  2 levels. Upgrade to gain greater access and networking opportunities with Speakers, VIP guests,  Photo opportunities.

Speaker Sponsors

Speakers are invited in 1 of 3 areas:  Mindset Mastery, Holistic Health & Wellness and Business Entrepreneurship to interview for these slots. International branding, media launch, personal branding, sharing tips and strategies for success and transformation- ALL SLOTS ARE COMPLETELY FILLED. WILL BE TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR NEXT EVENT. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE NEXT INTERNATIONAL EVENT, PLEASE COMPLETE CONTACT FORM AND INDICATE IN NOTES.

Sponsorship Partners

We welcome partners who support efforts to empower women through measurable actions that lead to changes. Invest in your community of women to drive a thriving economy. Advertise your brand and position your vision with new and existing customers, gain global awareness and increase your exposure before a captive, targeted market for up to 3 years through digital assets that keep you top of mind to a market hungry to buy.

Vendor Opportunities

Vendors are welcomed and encouraged to showcase products and services to increase visibility, grow your customer base, product sales, increase your awareness and build your list of potential new customers. Small businesses / entrepreneurs/authors are welcomed. Exhibit tables are limited.  Acquire rental space.