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@tresorofficial So right! Time to reset. God’s way!

@BleacherReport @KarlTowns @KarlTowns Prayers being sent to your mom and fam. Keep the faith. God can.

@SpeakerPelosi you go girl🥰!Lead! Counting on you to represent the interests of all people! #womenleaders #WomensHistoryMonth

@SpeakerPelosi @POTUS @senatemajldr amid the world crisis what better time to demonstrate democracy at its finest. Where leaders focus on the country not the parties, and the best interests of all people are at the forefront of your discussions and decisions. 👍🏾 Make it work!

it’s tough sometimes to face situations when your best laid plans, get disrupted. All the planning and preparation seem to be wasted, right?
Well, No. It was worth it !
What I’ve learn , take it all in… https://t.co/TMcX1XpcZx

Happy International Women’s Day!
I have had the privilege of meeting women around the globe and because of you, the world seems better. Because I know you all make the world a better place! You are all special to… https://t.co/oJx8p0srF6

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